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Why I stayed home and ate a lot for a month

Many women in Asia, particularly in China and Taiwan, look forward to the month after giving birth. Why, you may wonder. There is a tradition called “sitting moon,” which has been practiced for many years. This is a time when women stay home for the entire month after having a baby. The idea is that […]

Pregnancy Care with Chinese Medicine

Pregnancy is both an exciting and anxiety-provoking experience for   a couple. When pregnant, a woman goes through dramatic physical and emotional changes. By understanding and preparing her body for these changes and acquiring the know-how to optimize her own health and that of the fetus, a woman can experience her pregnancy in a meaningful and […]

Sitting Moon: A New Book from Tao of Wellness Press

My esteemed associate, Jessica Chen, L.Ac., and I decided to write a book that would inform new mothers and health professionals of the ideal way, often the traditional way, to go through postpartum. Sitting Moon is for women who want to feel good during postpartum and build an optimal foundation for future well-being. If you […]

New Life: A Healthy Journey into Motherhood

The birth of your child is a priceless moment in your life. Your heart is filled with an overwhelming, unexplainable sensation of joy. What now? Well, you can start by taking care of yourself. To be a better mom, you need first to be a healthy mom so you can survive the delicate period of […]

Chinese Medicine in Postpartum Care

Despite nearly four million childbirths in the United States each year alone, postpartum care tends to be an area often neglected by both the medical profession as well as in our culture. Little information exists on the unintended health consequences following childbirth. Naturally, with the attention shifting to the infant, the health state of the […]