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Transforming Emotions as a Part of the Healing Process

All physical health challenges have underlying emotional components. Optimal health is achieved through the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. An important part of the healing process is discovering the roots of emotional components, untangling and transforming them. Our emotions have a direct effect on our bodies’ tissues and internal organs. When we get […]

Foods to Help Mental Clarity

What do we feed our most complex organ? Everything! Well, almost        everything. A brain-healthy diet consists of foods that increase blood flow, are low in cholesterol and high in antioxidants. Such a mix not only helps the brain but also slows the aging process, helps prevent diseases like diabetes and benefits the heart. Providing good […]

Balancing the Emotions

In the April issue of Wellness Newsletter, you learned that intense or prolonged emotions can cause physical problems. Anger, fear, worry, sadness and joy fluctuate normally throughout our lives. In excess they can decrease the circulation of energies and substances throughout the body and lead to sickness. This month you’ll learn how to unblock these […]

Power-up Your Brain with Exercise

Think of your brain as a muscle: It gets stronger with exercises that can boost your brain power and clear away the “fog.” Your everyday mental tasks can be compared to walking, but how about giving your brain a real workout? Use Your Non-dominant Hand Performing everyday activities with your non-dominant hand can power-up your […]

Emotions Affect your Health and May Cause Organ Imbalance

Because emotions are a powerful motivating force, Chinese medicine practitioners often look for an emotional cause to the imbalances that occur within the body. Before a treatment, we may ask you about your emotional state during the week: moodiness, depression, anger or anxiety. To first-time patients, these questions may appear strange, personal or irrelevant to […]

Good Mood Foods

We all like to feel good, and carbohydrate-rich foods like chocolate, sugar, pastries, ice cream—in other words “comfort foods”—can  trigger the body to release biochemical substances called endorphins that reduce pain and bring about a feeling of well-being. Refined carbohydrates and sugar also trigger the brain to release more serotonin, which helps you stay calm, […]