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2017—The Year of the Fire Rooster

Welcome to 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster! The chinese astrological calendar is based on a mathematical system that through thousands of years of observation has produced predictable patterns of change in nature and human behavior. Understanding these patterns can help one maximize the positives while minimizing the negatives in his or her life. […]

Happy New Year of the Horse

The year of the Horse in 2014 symbolizes momentum, movement and action so expect lots of travel by plane or road trips by cars, always you have a trade policy insurance. If you have a clear purpose, the momentum of the horse year shall carry you the distance. Although you will accomplish much, you must […]

The Year of the Serpent

Welcome to the Year of the Serpent! Elementally, 2013 consists of Water and Fire. Energetically the Water element is creative, flexible and powerful while the element of Fire is dynamic, passionate and unpredictable. The positive manifestations of these two energies are more optimism, creativity and entrepreneurial growth. On the other hand, Water and Fire are […]

The Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit officially begins on February 3rd, 2011 and the elemental energies are again metal and wood, similar to the Tiger Year we are leaving behind. Therefore some of the unpredictability and conflicts of the Tiger Year will carry over to the New Year. However, Rabbit Years are usually calm, creative and […]

The Year of the Tiger— 2010

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, which begins on February 14, 2010! Every year for almost twenty years, I’ve written forecasts based on the ancient Taoist system of Five Elements Phase Energetics that predict global trends that affect us personally. By attuning yourself to these forecasts, you can side-step or minimize negative […]

The Kitchen God’s Farewell Dinner

In traditional Chinese families, the kitchen stove is considered the soul of the family. Each family’s own Kitchen God is responsible for giving an annual report about the family to the Jade Emperor. Before he ascends to the heavens to give his report, the family gives the Kitchen God a farewell dinner with offerings of […]

The Year of the Ox — 2009

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Ox, which begins on January 26, 2009, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Many people who paid attention to last year’s forecast told me they benefited from avoiding some of the pitfalls I warned about. The system of forecasting that I use is based on ancient Taoist […]

Happy New Year of the Rat, 4706 (or Mighty Mouse)

February 7th, 2008 in the Chinese calendar is the first day of the Year of the Rat. The Chinese calendar is an amazingly accurate system, which not only records the time, but is also a tool for forecasting. The energetic relationship between the Five Elements, an ancient symbolic system that expresses the energy transformation in […]

February 18, 2007 Ushers in the Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig is  symbolized by the elements of fire and water. These two energies are typically in conflict, thus making 2007 a year of continuing conflict, tension and strife. I expect there may be further global unrest, including revolts and regional wars. Despite the destructive tendencies, the water element does give rise […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

January 29, 2006 begins the Chinese New Year of the Dog. It is Year 4,704 of the Yellow Emperor’s reign. With 2005 Rooster year leaving us, let us do a retrospective on my predictions at the beginning of last year. Economically, I forecasted that the industries sure to benefit from the year of the rooster […]