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Integrating TCM for Cancer Support

In China, there is a branch of medicine known as Fu Zheng therapy. “Fu” means to fortify, and “Zheng” refers to the center of the constitution. Fu Zheng therapy, which fortifies and restores the center, is an immune-enhancing regimen of Chinese herbs often used to complement conventional cancer treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. […]

Modern Life, Modern Disease

Some of the most widespread diseases found in the minds and bodies of Americans have not been around that long. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, interstitial cystitis and certain types of cancer are just a few. Some of these diseases became more prevalent around the time of the Industrial Revolution, a short 200 years ago, […]

Hormone Therapy linked to More Aggressive Cancer

As women move into mid-life, their ovaries begin to lessen the production of female hormones like estrogen. Eventually, this reduction will cause their menstruation to cease. While for many, this is a welcome benefit, there may also be challenges that come with this time of life. Since the body no longer receives the levels of […]

Balancing Life With Breast Cancer

Approximately one in every 1,000 women in the U.S. has breast cancer. Once discovered, there is understandably much thought directed to where the disease came from and what to do about it. However, each diagnosis offers a woman the opportunity to find out what this uniquely means for her. This six letter C-word often instills […]

Acupuncture Eases Radiation-Induced Dry Mouth

The traditional Chinese medical technique of acupuncture may safely help patients whose radiation treatments cause extreme xerostomia, or dry mouth.  The symptoms of xerostomia include difficulty in speaking, eating and swallowing, infections of mouth tissues, altered taste sensation, tooth decay and malnutrition. “The quality of life in patients with radiation-induced xerostomia is impaired profoundly,” says […]

Cancer Patients Benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the prevention and treatment of cancer is called Fu Zhen. It is a specific program that supports and activates the body’s own cancer-fighting immunity and emphasizes the reduction of toxicity. Fu Zhen harmonizes, enhances and protects the structure and function of the organs. The Spleen system is strengthened to improve […]

Say No to Breast Cancer

A colleague and friend, Dr. Pat Riley,  and I decided over a year ago to write a book together on breast cancer prevention. Over the years, we have seen many breast cancer patients and have felt frustrated that most of the emphasis has been on treatment of the disease and very little has been done […]

A Healing Story

“You have a brain tumor.” At age 30 and eight months pregnant with my first child, it was the last thing I expected to hear out of the doctor’s mouth. I had never been sick or dizzy. Had never felt nauseous or woozy or had headaches. One day, without explanation or forewarning, I began to […]

Integrative Cancer Care

For anyone, the diagnosis of cancer is both shocking and frightening news. The disease has become so rampant that we all seem to know someone or a family member that has been touched by it. For the patient, after recovering from the initial shock of discovering cancer, he or she has to choose from the […]

Chinese Medicine as an Adjunctive Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The history of Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer has spanned several thousands of years throughout Asia. In recent years, Chinese medicine is noted as an effective adjunctive therapy when used in conjunction with conventional oncology. It is used extensively not only to manage side effects of conventional cancer therapies but also to increase […]