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Treating Inflammation with Acupuncture

Many people are affected by inflammatory conditions  such as allergies, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Those of us who have received acupuncture regularly for inflammatory issues have experienced firsthand how dramatically it can relieve these conditions. A growing body of scientific research also demonstrates the benefits of acupuncture, and some studies are also investigating its […]

Living Strong & Healthy with Autoimmune Disorders

Approximately 22 million Americans are affected by autoimmune diseases, according to the Center for Disease Control, making them the third most common category of diseases in the US after cancer and heart disease. Autoimmune disorders are conditions where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy body tissue. Autoimmune diseases are often chronic, progressive, and debilitating. The […]

Modern Life, Modern Disease

Some of the most widespread diseases found in the minds and bodies of Americans have not been around that long. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, interstitial cystitis and certain types of cancer are just a few. Some of these diseases became more prevalent around the time of the Industrial Revolution, a short 200 years ago, […]

What Makes Your Immune System Strong?

Scientific research now points toward knowledge that Chinese medicine has explained for thousands of years: 80% of your immunity potential lies in your gut. Studies indicate that a balance between good and bad bacteria in the large intestine is a significant determinant of your ability to ward off colds and flu. Chinese medicine considers the […]

The Threat of Mold to your Health and Well Being: Part II

Click here to read Part I of this article. In Part One of this article, I discussed the problems of mold infestation and its potential impact to one’s health. I pointed out that in Chinese Medicine, dampness is considered to be the cause of many illnesses such as high cholesterol, cancer, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue […]

The Difficult Problems of Mold Infestation: Part II

Click here to read Part I of this article. Liability, Insurance And Other Economic Issues: The presence of mold contamination has serious economic consequences. Many insurance carriers refuse to issue insurance to people who have made a water loss claim within the past three years. Some insurance carriers charge an additional premium to issue insurance […]

The Threat of Mold to Your Health and Well Being: Part I

An Urgent Problem In recently years, mold contamination has taken center stage as the top environmental concern for both the healthcare and real estate industries. By the reports made by a Montreal mold remediation company, in the healthcare field, doctors are inundated with conditions ranging from mild allergic reactions to severe debilitating and sometimes, fatal […]

The Difficult Problems of Mold Infestation: Part I

Mold can grow on any organic material (i.e., cloth, carpets, leather, wood, sheet rock, insulation) when moist conditions exist. Indoor spaces that are wet, and have organic materials that mold can use as a food source, can and do support mold growth. Any roof, wall leak or chronically wet areas from plumbing leaks or high […]