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Transforming Emotions as a Part of the Healing Process

All physical health challenges have underlying emotional components. Optimal health is achieved through the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. An important part of the healing process is discovering the roots of emotional components, untangling and transforming them. Our emotions have a direct effect on our bodies’ tissues and internal organs. When we get […]

Breastfeeding Can Help Children Enjoy Their Veggies

Babies are much more likely to enjoy eating foods their mothers ate while breastfeeding. Babies actually begin developing a taste for certain foods while feeding on breast milk. Flavors from a mother’s diet can be found in her breast milk and babies are actually able to detect these flavors while breastfeeding. Everyone wants their children […]

Healthy Intestinal Flora

A healthy digestive system can help to improve the quality of our lives and bring about bountiful health. Our digestive systems flourish when the flora of our intestines is balanced. This flora is composed of over three hundred different types of microorganisms that live in our system and aid in the process of digestion and […]

Low-Mercury Sustainable Seafood: Protecting Ourselves & Our Planet

Are you interested in knowing what fish you can eat without worrying about mercury toxicity or the danger of eating a species of fish on the verge of extinction? Some environmental organizations are now making lists of sustainable seafood, or seafood that is safe to eat without adverse effects to the planet or sea life. […]

CHI GONG: The Ancient Divine Art of Energy Mastery

Chi gong in some form has existed since the dawn of life. Just watch the gentle, natural movements a child makes after waking up in the morning. Or watch an animal stretch and move as it wakes up. These are spontaneous, natural movements that we all do when we are young, and they are the […]