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What Do You Want?

The main character in the movie Shawshank Redemption says, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” Every single day of your life you make a choice to move toward your passion or to wander further away from it. We are quick to place blame on our boss, our parents, and our culture on why we […]

Parents Rejoice: No More Ear Infections

Since I began practicing at Tao of Wellness I have seen my fair share of worried parents and uncomfortable babies and children, families dealing with all the typical issues that bring them to our offices: diaper rash, teething, breastfeeding, and ear infections, to name a few. Each one can run the gamut from being a […]

Staying on Your Path to Health, Strength, and Joy

We were born and bred for movement. Regularly moving our bodies should be right up there with eating, breathing, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. Though, any or all of these things are too often postponed or outright ignored thanks to our many roles at work and at home. Lack of movement means impaired circulation, […]

Emotional Detoxification

The beginning of a new year  presents wonderful opportunities to improve ourselves and our environments, to create goals, and make resolutions. We also tend to look for things to add to our physical and mental lives: new vacation plans, new gadgets, and other distractions. But what about our emotional health? Emotions are a normal part […]

Let Go with a Natural Detox

Every few months, participants convene at Tao of Wellness to undergo a complete detoxification during our three-day weekend retreats. In designing the Tao of Wellness Cleansing and Detoxification program, our doctors drew upon centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to solve modern problems. Chemical-laden food and a polluted environment can lead to many serious illnesses such […]

Getting To Sleep

As winter approaches, our energy slows along with the rest of our environment. We do not hibernate like bears or lose our leaves like the trees, but we do require more rest at this time of year. For many, it might be just 30 minutes more sleep. For some, it could be another hour or […]

Modern Life, Modern Disease

Some of the most widespread diseases found in the minds and bodies of Americans have not been around that long. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, interstitial cystitis and certain types of cancer are just a few. Some of these diseases became more prevalent around the time of the Industrial Revolution, a short 200 years ago, […]

Balancing Life With Breast Cancer

Approximately one in every 1,000 women in the U.S. has breast cancer. Once discovered, there is understandably much thought directed to where the disease came from and what to do about it. However, each diagnosis offers a woman the opportunity to find out what this uniquely means for her. This six letter C-word often instills […]

Balancing the Emotions

In the April issue of Wellness Newsletter, you learned that intense or prolonged emotions can cause physical problems. Anger, fear, worry, sadness and joy fluctuate normally throughout our lives. In excess they can decrease the circulation of energies and substances throughout the body and lead to sickness. This month you’ll learn how to unblock these […]

Don’t Ignore Your Snore

Sixty percent of American adults snore. At  first, snoring is more often a nuisance than  a sign of serious illness, as a person’s quality of sleep, or that of a loved one, is disrupted. However, if restorative energy isn’t created during a full night’s rest, aging quickens its pace. With age, snoring may get worse. […]