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What Makes Your Immune System Strong?

Scientific research now points toward knowledge that Chinese medicine has explained for thousands of years: 80% of your immunity potential lies in your gut. Studies indicate that a balance between good and bad bacteria in the large intestine is a significant determinant of your ability to ward off colds and flu. Chinese medicine considers the […]

Is Male Fertility on the Decline?

With the focus of infertility being so heavily placed on the female members of our population, it is surprising to hear that male infertility accounts for 50% of infertile couples. What is more surprising is that a recent study conducted in Scotland on 7,000 men showed that sperm counts have decreased by 30% since 1989. […]

First Aid Kit for Children

As a practitioner of natural medicine, I am a true believer in naturally assisting the immune system to protect and defend the body against pathogenic attack. I also believe anti-biotics and antipyretics are valuable, life-saving drugs. However, I do not believe in using them repeatedly to fight conditions that can be resolved with natural therapies […]