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Inflammation and Aging

Science has discovered that inflammation is at the root of many chronic, degenerative and even fatal diseases that deprive millions of people each year of health, wellness and longevity. Inflammation does much damage to the body by depositing plaque in arteries, eroding joints and bones and causing excess weight gain. Worse, inflammation can take years […]

Herbs Promote Hair Restoration

Every day, we normally shed up to 125 hairs. We are familiar, however, with the comic character who runs around and pulls out his hair while enduring a stressful situation. You may be amazed to learn there really is a connection between stress and hair loss. Stress restricts the flow of chi (energy) and blood […]

Treat Your Skin with Extra, Special Care

Your skin is your largest organ, and it takes a daily beating from the sun, air pollution, chemicals and other harmful pathogens. To restore and protect your skin, try these healthy tips and remedies: Sunburn In the summer we spend time outside under a blazing sun, often unaware of the danger to our skin while […]

Secrets of Longevity Revealed

Looking and feeling young for decades is not just the province of the wealthy and surgically enhanced. Living to be 100 is simpler than most people imagine. In his new book, Secrets of Longevity, Dr. Maoshing Ni shares the secrets gleaned from generations of medical knowledge in his family, and a 20-year study of centenarians […]

Healthy Aging Naturally

The statistics are in — the oldest of 76 million baby-boomers will turn 60 next year. In fact, over 50% of the population in the United States will be over 65 by the year 2025! However, the aging trend does not have to mean lower productivity and quality of life. Not only are the baby-boomers […]

Acupuncture Face-Lift: Rejuvenation Starts from Within

Many patients over the years have requested “face-lift” or “face-toning” treatments at Tao of Wellness. We have happily and successfully administered these special rejuvenation treatments which emphasize an overall anti-aging philosophy that believes one’s face is ultimately a reflection of one’s internal health and emotional well being. The Tao of Wellness Rejuvenation Program includes eight […]


In our modern age, as scientific technology advances, the prospect of us being kept alive longer is greater than ever. However, is our quality of life necessarily improving as a result? Are we healthier, vital and happier? What about our spiritual condition? These and other questions beg the redefining of the concept of longevity. Longevity, […]